Our Doodles

Puppy Heaven’s Tobias for Puppy Love ~ aka Toby

Introducing our stud boy, Toby!  I have never seen a happier, more laid back dog….nothing fazes him.  He runs with a big smile on his face and his ears flopping up and down, Tobychasing all of his girlfriends around the backyard.  Toby will be a great match with all of our girls producing caramels, creams, reds, chocolates, and blacks.  We anticipate both solids and partis in all of those colors.  He has a soft wavy fleece coat in a deep, deep caramel with white markings, and beautiful light green eyes.    From the time I started breeding, I have been in love with Toby’s sire Xston from Puppy Love Labradoodles in Alberta, Canada.  Xston is now retired and we were fortunate enough to adopt Toby from one of his last litters!  A million thanks to Darice and Kyla for sharing this beautiful boy with us.

Toby is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 20” and 40lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-017720

Noble Vestal Schagadelic Schoggi ~ aka Schoggi

SchoggiSchoggi is a Swiss-German chocolate treat…and this boy is a definite treat! He is incredibly mellow and avoids any doggie conflict like the plaque. Schoggi has loose chocolate curls that are impossible to resist. When out walking we are stopped often by people wanting to know more about him, and he is always up for a little more loving. One of his nicknames is Snuffie, because he is just a smaller version of Sesame Street’s Snuffaluffagus! When he left for his guardian home, I sent a text to check on him after 2 days and their response was: “We are madly in love with him! There cannot be a better dog out there…”. That sums it up very well!

Schoggi is a very large medium Australian Labradoodle at 20” and 40lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA- 029827

Avonlee’s Orion ~ aka Orion

We jumped through many hoops to get this handsome boy here to join our program. OrionOrion came all the way from Kamloops, BC in Canada…and apparently you can’t there from here. It was absolutely worth the effort! O is so incredibly smart that it is a little bit scary…when dogs take over the world, I fully expect him to be marching in front. He opens doors and problem solves like no other dog I’ve ever seen. He runs like a deer and would much rather play a game of chase than anything else. But like a real man should, he is not afraid to show his softer side and is perfectly happy to lie on his back with a litter of puppies crawling across him chewing his ears!

Orion is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 19” and 35lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-029542

Delaware Valley’s Mimi ~ aka Mimi Bella

Mimi is our beautiful cream girl out of Zuma and Toby. Mimi BellaJust like all of their puppies, she has an amazing temperament…full of fun, yet gentle and lower energy. She loves her human brother and sister and loves to chase her Frisbee around the back yard. Pure poetry in motion to watch run. Her guardian family is already looking forward to the day that they can bring home another one just like her!

Mimi is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 19” and 32lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-026808

Delaware Valley’s Tulla Mae ~ aka Tulla

Our Tulla is the daughter of Ruby and Kokopelli. Tulla MaeIn true Australian Labradoodle fashion, she is all about her family! Whether it is going to soccer practice, dropping the kids off at school, going for walks, or curling up on the couch to watch a movie, she is happiest hanging with her human brothers. Tulla has an amazing silky soft, wavy fleece coat in caramel cream.

Tulla is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 18” and 30lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-022306

Delaware Valley’s Maisy ~ aka Maisy

Maisy is Tulla’s sister from Ruby and Kokopelli. And, like Tulla Mae, Maisy is a super busy family dog. She spends much Maisyof her time at the softball fields basking in the attention of teenage girls. And on weekends, she entertains the walkers on the beach at Lewes with her mad Frisbee skills! Tulla’s fleece coat falls in big loose silky curls. It is a fabulous chocolate like her daddy’s.

Maisy is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 18” and 30lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-022307

Delaware Valley’s Charlaine ~ aka Lainey

Our beautiful red-head Charlaine is out of Zuma and Toby. I can’t say enough good things about Lainey! She lived here with us until she was about 7 months and she was my little orange shadow. GiftedCharlainewith Toby’s laid back personality, she is gentle and loving. We often went to the nursing home where my mother was living to visit with the residents and she was just loved by all. Several times I took her with me to my tennis matches where Lainey would just hang out and keep herself busy until I was done. And, like her mother and grandmother before her, she is the ultimate Frisbee dog!

Lainey is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 19” and 33lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-024091

Delaware Valley’s Olive ~ aka Olive

Delaware Valleys  Olive

Olive is out of our Ella and Toby 2012 litter, but I honestly don’t know if Ella contributed any genes at all. She is exactly like her daddy except in a slightly smaller chocolate package. Their coats feel the same, they have all the same white bits, they use the same expressions, and she has his same goofy personality! I can’t wait to see what mischief she passes on to her puppies….

Olive is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 18” and 32lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA- 030374

Delaware Valley’s Sweet Molly ~ aka Molly

Delaware Valleys  Olive

Molly is an awesome dog! Her Guardian Mom just loves taking Molly on hikes and tells me that she is the ultimate tomboy. She loves to roll around on the ground and doesn’t care if it is grass, snow, or mud. She loves all other dogs, but has two Lab BFF’s that she constantly wants to wrestle with, even though they are so much bigger. But in true Australian Labradoodle fashion, Molly has her gentle side also. She is not afraid of a little cuddle. Her Guardian Mom hopes to begin training for therapy work soon. Molly is the last of the girls that I kept from Zuma and Toby, and I am really looking forward to pups she will add to our program!

Molly is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 18.5” and 30lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-031618

Our Retired Doodles

Delaware Valley’s Lily ~ aka Lily

Lucky Lily is living with her mama Chloe.  She loves everyone she meets, and is an expert at big, wet kisses!  LilyShe was the first puppy ever born here at Delaware Valley (under my bed actually!).  We believe that her coat will mature to a beautiful curly lavender or parchment fleece.  Her ears, feet, and belly are all dark auburn, with her body covered in silver and blond tips….very beautiful and unique!  It is so soft, you can’t help but run your hands through it!  We had the opportunity to take Lily out waterskiing with us, and she took to the water like she was born for it!  Her favorite spot on the boat was on the dashboard with her head above the windshield to catch the breeze.   

Lily is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 18” and 29lbs.  ALAA registration #ALAA-016612

Delaware Valley’s Zuma ~ aka Zuma

ZumaZuma is the beautiful little daughter of our Ruby.  Her daddy is Eden Valley’s Rhett.  She comes in a tad smaller package, but is every bit her momma’s daughter in her sensitive and intuitive nature.  Her favorite pastime is thinking up ways to outsmart her littermate brother Lito with whom she lives….but giving kisses is her passion!  Her whole body wags when she happy.   Zuma’s coat is an amazingly silky soft fleece with big loose curls. 

Zuma is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 17” and 32lbs.  ALAA registration #ALAA-018872.

Delaware Valley’s Zeva ~ aka Zeva

ZevaZeva is also a gift from our Ruby and Eden Valley’s Rhett.  She is very much like Ruby in personality, but comes in a larger package!  Just like Ru, she is a Frisbee catching expert…but is amazingly sensitive and gentle around her little human sister.   Zeva is very family oriented and loves to be the first to greet the kids each morning.  She inherited the ability to smile from her grandmom, and loves to share it with those giving her attention while out on the town.  Her coat is the silkiest straightest fleece I’ve ever seen.

 Zeva is a large medium Australian Labradoodle at 20” and 40lbs.  ALAA registration #ALAA-018873.

Delaware Valley’s Ella Rose ~ aka Ella

Ella is the daughter of our Chloe, and is every bit Chloe’s girl in temperament…very gentle and sweet.  Delaware Valley's Ella RoseShe was our little peanut from Chloe’s first litter.  In her world, there is nothing better than a good tummy rub, and she will roll over for anybody who even looks like they might be thinking about it!  Her light milk chocolate coat has auburn highlights from spending her days lounging around the pool and ‘helping’ her guardian mom around the sheep farm where she lives.   In the evenings, she spends her time wrapping her guardian home ‘Dad’ around her paw! 

Ella is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 18” and 28lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-016611

Eden Valley’s Ruby ~ aka Ruby

RubyThe girl that started us on this wonderful journey is our Ruby.  She lives only to please us!  She is happiest when chasing her Frisbee around the back yard, or showing off her skills on an agility course.  Ruby lives here with us, and is my shadow.  In addition to her mama duties, she does an incredible job of helping us train and entertain the guardian home puppies that come in and out of our home on a regular basis.  Her beautiful caramel cream fleece coat is buttery soft and shows off her green eyes to perfection.  Ruby’s dam is Gracie (Australian Labradoodles of Eden Valley Manor) and her sire is Melvin (Australian Labradoodles of Windsor Creek).   Thank you Pam for sending us this wonderful girl!

Ruby is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 19 inches and 32lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-010002

Rivermist Chloe ~ aka Chloe

Soon after Ruby, came Chloe.  We fell in love with this great little girl’s parti coat and then she stole our hearts with her personality. Rivermist Chloe

Chloe lives with her loving Guardian family very near to us so we can visit often.  She was a breeze to train and passed her Canine Good Citizen’s test at only 6 months!  She believes that she is definitely a lap dog and will curl up on anybody available.  Chloe is an amazing mother!  She is very attentive and loving to her pups.  Chloe’s dam is Parisha and her sire is ‘Lil Brett.

Chloe is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 17 inches and 25lbs. ALAA registration #ALAA-011949