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Are there any allergy or asthma concerns? Yes
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Pet Experience

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Do you currently have a vet? Yes
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Does everyone in your home want a puppy? Yes
Will the puppy be a surprise gift? Yes
Have you ever given up a pet (either sold or given away)? Yes

If yes, please explain:

Pet Owner Responsibilities

Raising a puppy to be a great dog is an incredibly rewarding experience.  But it can also be difficult, frustrating, and inconvenient at times.  As the health and happiness of our puppies is of the utmost importance to us, the following questions are designed to make you think about some of the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Who will be the primary caregiver?

Will you crate train your puppy? Yes
Where will the puppy be kept during the day?
How long will the puppy be alone during the day?

If the puppy will be in the crate for more than 4 hours, do you have a plan to have the puppy let out and played with?

Where will the puppy sleep at night?
Do you understand that the puppy will probably need to be let out in the middle of the night for at least the first 12 weeks? Yes

Labradoodles are very intelligent and thrive with proper training.  What is your plan for training and or obedience classes?

Are you aware of all the ongoing expenses related to keeping a pet (such as:  food, veterinary expenses, grooming, boarding/pet sitting, training, supplies…)?    Yes
Are you aware that a Labradoodle can live for 15 years? Yes
Have you read the Sales Contract and Health Warranty and understand all that is being asked of you if you are to adopt one of our Labradoodles?     Yes

Puppy Preferences

OK, if you’re still with us after the above questions, let’s get to the fun stuff!  Remember, Mother Nature is very fickle and we will do our best to accommodate all of your preferences, but this is not always possible.  Your flexibility may allow us to place a puppy with you sooner.

Are you interested in a specific litter?
If yes, which litter?

Which gender do you prefer? 

Please note that the early desexing and the selective breeding used to produce Australian Labradoodles results in little, if any, difference in gender temperaments.  

Which color do you prefer? Please list in order of preference:
What size do you prefer?

What activities do you plan to do with your dog?

Is there anything else you would like for us to consider?

How do you plan to pick-up your puppy?


Please hit the send button only once.  The information will not clear in the form above.  Thank you so much for your application.  We respect and appreciate the trust you have placed in us.  We will contact you shortly after receiving your application.  

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